Where Can I Buy Zopiclone?

where can i buy zopiclone

Where can i buy zopiclone (trade name Zimovane) is a powerful sleeping medication that can be useful in the short term to treat insomnia, especially when it’s debilitating and distressing for the individual. However, it’s only prescribed by a GP for a few weeks at a time because the body becomes tolerant to the medicine over a short period and can cause withdrawal symptoms. It’s a ‘Z drug’, which are prescription only medicines that work well in the short term to ease insomnia but can be addictive if used for longer than two or four weeks. It’s also the sixth most common drug requested for information from the UK’s National Poisons Information Service, TOXBASE.

It’s usually prescribed as 7.5 mg tablets taken by the oral route shortly before retiring to sleep. It’s also available as a liquid for people who struggle to swallow pills. Zopiclone is a class C controlled medicine so you must have a PIL (Patient Information Leaflet) from your GP or pharmacist before taking it and it’s important to read this carefully to find out exactly how the medication works, the side effects, how to take it and any precautions.


Exploring the Benefits and Risks of Zopiclone for Sale: A Comprehensive Guide


People can become addicted to zopiclone if it’s taken for prolonged periods, particularly if it’s mixed with other sedatives such as alcohol or benzodiazepines. This can lead to serious withdrawal syndrome that can be life-threatening in some cases. It’s a reason why these types of drugs are only ever prescribed by a doctor and for short periods and at the lowest possible dose.

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