What Is Close Protection Security?

Close protection or personal protection (CPS) is a special type of service provided by trained professionals that are employed to keep you or your family safe from dangerous situations. Put simply, close protection (CPS) is a special provision of civil protection by a person with specialized training to protect you. In the private sector, these individuals are often referred to as close protection officers (CPOs) or bodyguards. While most criminal defense attorneys focus their practice on providing criminal defense in the form of a criminal defense attorney, many others have found employment as a close protection officer helping to protect their own families from dangerous situations.

Close Protection Security – Why You Might Need A Closed Guard Insurance Course


These specialized agents protect their clients by employing a number of surveillance tactics. In many cases, they serve as a first line of defense between the client and the perceived threat. They may serve as a liaison between the police and the client by communicating through a police communication center (CCT). Some close protection officers also serve as a watch dog for their clients. They can follow a suspect or a subject while they are away from the property and then report back to their designated officers.


While a few close protection security professionals work exclusively as a CPO, many others work in conjunction with an on-call CPO who will regularly rotate in and out of duty. These rotational personnel have soft skills and a comprehensive understanding of law enforcement and criminal defense. They provide the backup needed when a live-in or full-time CPO is unavailable. A good close protection security agency will be thorough and well-equipped with the tools required to effectively protect their client’s assets. Whether working as a lone wolf or as part of a larger firm, a professional, close protection security provider understands the value of having the right combination of hard skills and soft skills.

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