What is a Females Escort?

females escort

Females Escort

For many people,AmorousHug females escort conjures up ideas that swing from fierce debate about prostitution’s legality and its links to drugs, poverty and violence, to glamourous images of women who lead a high-end lifestyle. But, like it or not, the sex industry is a part of our society and it’s likely that most of us know someone – a friend, family member or colleague – who has done sex work or currently does.

A call girl or female escort is a prostitute who does not display her profession to the general public nor does she usually work in an institution such as a brothel, although she may be employed by an escort agency. She will arrange to meet a client, normally by calling a telephone number. She offers a range of sexual services for money, although she will normally only perform oral sex. In some countries, sex work by an escort is illegal, although the laws vary by country and they are usually only prosecuted where solicitation occurs.



Research suggests that women in short-term mating domains have an awareness of their mate value and are likely to advertise their beauty, attract potential mates and competitively enhance the quality of their service in order to increase demand (Edlund & Korn, 2002). In a recent study by Milrod and Monto (2012), they investigated motives and behaviors of male patrons that paid for online escorts, identifying that their top three reasons were to be with a woman who liked sex, to experience different sexual partners and to feel uninhibited.

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