Virtual Reality Experiences

vr experience

Vr experience (VR) is immersive technology that places a user in a 3D simulated environment. The user wears a headset with lenses that allow them to view the VE from multiple perspectives and to move around in it. The user can also interact with the VE by using a controller, such as a hand or a mouse. The system can also track the user’s movements and display the VE according to their relative position in the room, creating a sense of immersion.

The earliest VR systems, such as the VIDEOPLACE developed by MIT in 1992, used a combination of CG, light projection, cameras and screens to create an immersive VE that could measure the user’s location. This was an early precursor to Google Street View, but didn’t use a headset.


Virtual Escapes: Exploring Unforgettable VR Experiences That Transcend Reality



Many brands are exploring the possibilities of VR to connect with their customers in a new way. They are creating one-time VR experiences that give users a taste of a product or service. Emirates, for example, lets passengers explore economy, business and first class seats, the cockpit and even the train itself in a virtual experience that has been filmed with a 360 camera.

Virtual reality is being used for education and training purposes as well. It can be a great tool to teach anatomy, physiology or other medical topics to students. It can also help train firefighters, pilots or astronauts in dangerous situations. VR can simulate traumatic events in a controlled setting to help people cope with and overcome them.

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