Retrofit Double Glazing For Timber Windows

retrofit double glazing for new timber windows or old single glazing units and get a more energy efficient, healthier and more comfortable house. Retrofitting involves removing existing windows and replacing them with new double glazed units, which will in turn, increase the amount of heat in your home. It’s thought that replacing windows can sometimes reduce energy bills by up to 5%, and if you’re an active resident, you’ll no doubt welcome this saving. Double glazing can also provide peace and quiet when you are not home and allows you to enjoy a greater sense of space as a result. Not only that, but double glazing also looks great and can really help to increase the market value of your property.

How to Chosse Retrofit Double Glazing For Timber Windows

retrofit double glazing


To retrofit double glazing on your windows, you first need to ensure they are in good condition. If the windows aren’t in good condition, such as cracked, bent, or warped glass, then you should consider repairing these. Fixing small issues can be done for a few hundred dollars, and if you have larger holes you can carry out the repairs over a weekend for just a few hundred. Once the window frames are in good condition, the next step is to fix the moisture barriers that are around the windows. Again, repairing these can be achieved over a weekend for just a few hundred.


The final step involved in retrofitting double glazing for timber windows is to seal the unit. If the seals are cracked, broken or sewed, it’s best to replace them. Sealed units don’t allow moisture to pass through them, which will reduce the risk of mould growing on your timber windows and walls. A sealed double glaze unit also has the added advantage of reducing the amount of noise that the unit creates, which is another significant issue in many homes. A sealed retrofit double glazing unit costs a little more, but will last longer than normal timber windows.

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