Precuts For Your Pre Cut Shims

pre cut shims

Pre cut shims are shims that you can purchase in kits that enable you to do the installation yourself. The shims are cut to the size of your wheel opening and will be drilled and then placed where your wheels meet (usually near the ground on the inside of the fender). After that, you simply need to replace the fender beads with new ones and install the shims to the original holes. When installing shims to a lifted truck, there is a possibility that they may get caught up in the underbelly of the vehicle; it is therefore important that you have a proper set of tools to help you remove them safely.

How to Know About Precuts


If you already have an existing suspension system on your car, you can buy precut shims from a reputable auto parts dealer. You can also buy the kit separately. When choosing stainless steel shims, you have the option of getting colored ones or plain stainless steel. For people who like the chrome effect of the metal but don’t want to sacrifice looks, they can opt for the plain stainless shims. Whatever you choose, make sure to have your vehicle checked by a professional so that you will get the right fit.


With pre shims, you no longer have to worry about not having the right tire size or wheel alignment. When you buy them, they come with mounting hardware such as mounting strips and tire screws. You just need to mount your wheels and then replace the beads. You can find suppliers of pre-installed stainless steel p jain tubing solutions right here online.

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