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Peter janssen crypto has founded a venture capital firm, FirstBlock Capital, to invest in the emergence of cryptocurrencies. He plans to distribute his capital among blockchain start-ups, digital assets, and public tokens. Peter believes that cryptocurrencies represent an important investment opportunity due to their combination of disruptive technology, liquid public markets, and programmable blockchains. This industry relies on the intersection of computer science, game theory, and network economics.


Great Potential For Solving Problems In Multiple Industries


One investor disputed Peter Janssen’s sales practices. The investor referred to Janssen steering him to a potentially risky investment in Mega Blockchain. While he had the client’s trust and confidence, he did not fully understand the risks involved and ultimately decided to invest in a private placement. While this investment may have been unsuitable, Janssen convinced his client to invest. In June 2020, the company settled with the client and paid him $17,500 in compensation.

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