Parkinson’s Treatment in Australia

Despite its well known positive Parkinson’s treatment in Sydney, accessing specialist care can be difficult. This is largely due to lack of awareness, difficulty recognising symptoms and long referral wait times. This often means that a diagnosis is delayed and patients are left untreated and with a worsened quality of life.

Whether you are in the very early stages of the disease or have been living with it for some time, it is important to access appropriate medical and rehabilitation services. This is especially true if you are at risk of losing your independence. You will need a multidisciplinary team which includes doctors, exercise physiologists, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists and dietitians. Ideally these professionals will be available at the same time.

“Improving Quality of Life: Parkinson’s Treatment in Sydney

Most people with Parkinson?s can be treated with medicines that increase the level of dopamine in the brain. These can be taken in tablet (pill) form or given via an injection or tube into your intestine. The most common are levodopa and carbidopa. There are also other medicines that may be used, such as apomorphine and pramipexole, which are only suitable for very advanced Parkinson?s when a person has severe on-off fluctuations or troublesome dyskinesia.

The latest development in the treatment of Parkinson?s is that Opicapone, which helps other medications work better, has been listed on the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS). This will allow Australians with Parkinson?s to gain access to this new therapy at a much lower cost.

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