How Much Do Glass Partitions Cost?

Glazed partitions are an attractive and cost-effective way to divvy up office spaces without impacting on the overall sense of openness. With a range of benefits including increased wellbeing and productivity, they help create a work environment that encourages collaboration and creativity. Whether you are a business owner considering a workplace refurbishment or simply want to add some style to your own home, these stylish walls can be the perfect solution.

As with all interior partitions, there are a number of factors that can influence the cost of glass walls. The size of the area to be glazed will be a significant factor, as well as any other specific details that you might require such as doors or bespoke shapes. Additionally, if you choose to opt for frameless or framed glass partitions and any accompanying ironmongery, this will also increase the cost.

The type of glass you choose can also affect the price, with frosted glass being more costly than clear options. Similarly, any other specialised glass types that you might like to opt for will also have an impact.

Unlocking Design Potential: The Beauty and Functionality of Glazed Partitions

A full height glazed partition will have a higher cost than a half-height version, as more materials are required to construct it. However, the improved acoustic ratings are worth it. Double-glazed walls can reduce noise levels by up to 55 decibels, making them ideal for conference rooms or private offices. Choosing to incorporate a frosted film into the glass will also help keep privacy high.

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