How BuildTech is Changing the Construction Industry


As waves of soundproof floor emerge, the construction industry is catching up. These innovations, known as “BuildTech,” are enhancing the ability of construction workers to complete projects faster and more efficiently.

Collaboration is a central theme at AEC BuildTech Conference & Expo, running April 30-May 2 in Rosemont, Illinois. The event will feature multiple educational tracks, including plumbing, paving, roofing and HVACR/mechanical systems. But it’s the general contracting track where attendees can learn how to tie all the moving parts of a project together.


Say Goodbye to Noise: The Benefits and Best Soundproof Flooring Options



German startup baupal is one company that’s trying to do just that. By digitizing architecture services, the company makes design, energy assessments and permitting more accessible for private builders and smaller construction projects. By combining digital processes with efficient team structures, it hopes to make the process easier and less expensive for both parties. The company is also experimenting with drones that can measure the surface of a building. These sensors can then be compared with the 3D model to see if there are any discrepancies. This allows the company to adjust plans accordingly.

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