Fleurieu Psychotherapy

Fleurieu Psychotherapy refers to a form of psychotherapy that has grown in popularity in New Zealand. As you probably know, the Island of New Zealand is home to many unique cultures and beliefs; this makes it a very rich environment for practising Fleurieu Psychology. The principle behind this type of therapy is that all human fears are related to ones physical and mental state in the physical world, and that humans cannot be forced to do something they may not want to do.

How to know About Fleurieu Psychotherapy

fleurieu psychology

This means that, while you can completely convince someone to do your bidding against their will, you cannot make someone do something they would not otherwise do – because they do not want to. What this essentially means is that there is no way to make another person do something that they would not normally do. This is fundamentally different to most forms of belief systems in general. In fact, the entire philosophy of Fleurieu Psychology is based around the idea that beliefs can be controlled, however one must control one’s own mind, and mind and body, to effectively use one’s power.

This article is my opinion, and not medical advice. I am a practitioner, and am not a doctor. If you need medical treatment, please go get yourself checked out by your doctor. If you are considering seeking any sort of professional advice or help with your personal or professional life, please go ahead and do what you feel comfortable doing, but always seek the advice of your family doctor or therapist before making any major life-changing decisions. Good luck!

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