Developers in Paphos Ask Government to Reduce Red Tape and Streamline Processes

Property Paphos developers have been asking the government to reduce red tape and streamline processes after they say delays in title deeds can last for years. On Monday, developers met with Interior Minister Neoclis Silikiotis in Nicosia to discuss the problems they face when dealing with various government departments. They discussed the town planning issues as well as delays in obtaining building permits. Developers said it can take up to three months to obtain a building permit in Paphos, despite the city’s high-level of infrastructure.


There Are Some Property Developers In Cyprus Who Have Been Erecting Structures For Decades


Property developers in Cyprus are backed by solid reputations. Among them are the Domenica Group, which was established in 1961, and Aristo Developers, which was founded in 1978. Cypriot real estate group, meanwhile, is composed of a Russian staff. In Paphos, developers have many different types of properties to offer. There are luxury apartments, holiday homes, and townhouses to choose from.


There are some property developers in Cyprus who have been erecting structures for decades, while others have only recently set up shop in the island. Some have an extensive portfolio and innovative ideas, while others have nothing to show for it. Finding the right developer makes all the difference, so choose wisely. The easiest way to pick a developer is to look at their portfolio. Developers who build a lot are usually the most reliable.

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