Design Center Charlotte Welcomes New Tenants


Design Center Charlotte

Design Center Charlotte, a three-building office complex in Charlotte’s South End, has welcomed several new tenants. Resolution Media has taken over 9,259 square feet in the Plaza building, while Core States Group has signed a lease for 2,525 square feet in the Courtyard building. Other tenants include the Charlotte Chess Center & Scholastic Academy and Balfour Beatty. In addition to these newcomers, two local firms have recently leased space here as well, click here



Design Center Charlotte has a unique mission: to educate the public about the role of design in shaping the quality of life and advocate for livable cities. Its programs, planning resources, and community engagement services are part of the city’s Urban Design program. To better serve the Charlotte community, it focuses on three main areas: placemaking, urban design, and community engagement.

The Design Center Charlotte also specializes in home entertainment systems and communication products. Many of its products offer high definition video and audio. A VDI/DVI to DVI-D converter, for example, allows customers to connect their home theater systems to their computers. This allows for superior picture quality. Its staff can help customers select the best technology for their needs.


The Design District, located in Charlotte’s historic South End, is a 4.5-acre retail district that redefines the modern retail experience. The neighborhood has been booming since the 2000s and has become one of the city’s most desirable neighborhoods for new development. Asana Partners purchased three key properties in the area, including the former Nebel Knitting Mill. Because the Design District’s location is on an urban core, it has ample opportunity to attract new businesses and residents.

Kadence WP Review

Kadence WP


Despite the fact that Kadence is a free WordPress theme, there are several premium features that you should consider when purchasing it. The Kadence theme comes with several add-ons and you will be able to customize each one of them. Some of the features include store notices, product catalogs, icons, checkout pages, and account pages. Custom headers are also included for the desktop and mobile versions. You can also use Kadence’s header builder to add custom code.


Kadence WP was one of the first themes to incorporate full site editing. This feature allows you to customize your WordPress website completely. It also supports Gutenberg blocks, which are great for agencies. The downsides to the theme include its lack of white labeling, which is a requirement for agencies. You also won’t be able to access the Pro starter templates if you choose the free theme. In order to get access to the full customization options, you should purchase the Kadence essential bundle ($129/year). Plugins cost extra, so you should also look into them.


Another great feature of Kadence is its support for widgets. The theme has eight widget areas by default, but you can increase this number with the pro version. The Kadence theme also supports custom widgets, allowing you to customize the look of your site. The Kadence block editor allows you to easily add text and images. In addition, you can change the fonts and use system fonts. The theme also supports any blocks you want to add to your website.…

Important Features of an Expert SEO Firm

Important Features of an Expert SEO Firm


Search engine optimization (SEO) New York is a highly new york top seo company competitive field. To succeed in New York, you must offer a high level of service, use premium tools, and implement the latest trends in SEO. In order to do so, you must work with an expert who will create a long-term game plan for your business. In this article, we’ll discuss some of the most important features of an SEO New York expert. These features are the basis for hiring a New York SEO expert.

One of the first things an SEO expert must do when working on your SEO New York campaign is assess your website’s quality score. This score is determined by Google and is based on several factors, including how easy it is to navigate your site. A high quality score will increase traffic, but a low one will result in the page being suppressed. An expert can provide you with a comprehensive audit of your website’s quality score, as well as resources that will help you correct any issues.

An SEO firm should understand how to build user experience (UX). A bad UX design will only discourage people from converting and will lead them away from the website. A good UX design will build a navigational funnel for your users that encourages them to take the desired action. SEO New York companies should have a thorough understanding of UX. A good SEO company should be like an extension of your own team. So, you need a company that specializes in this type of project.

Where to Buy CBD Oil in Canada

cbd oil canada

If you’re wondering where to buy CBD oil in Canada, you have come to the right place. CBD Oil Canada is a reputable Canadian company that provides both education and premium quality products. Their affiliate program offers you the opportunity to earn up to 10% of every sale. You can learn more about the benefits of CBD here. And if you’re interested in making money through affiliate marketing, CBD Oil Canada offers an exceptional affiliate program, where you can earn up to 10% on every sale.

You Can Develop A Custom Cbd Routine For Yourself


The site features many top brands, and lab test results are available for all products. It also encourages customer feedback and only sells time-tested brands. You can find a product to fit your lifestyle and budget, with brands like Honest, Island Therapeutics, Delush, and Miss Envy. CBD Oil Canada also offers different potencies for tinctures and lotions, so you can develop a custom CBD routine for yourself.

Before you purchase CBD oil in Canada, you should be aware of the legalities and regulations surrounding the product. You must be 19 years old and legally possess less than 30 grams of dried cannabis, or about an ounce. These amounts are more than enough for most people, and they are far less than the amount you could find on the black market. However, if you’re planning on selling the product, you should keep in mind that this law has very strict penalties for those caught in possession of more than 30 grams.

Kitchen Remodelling Ideas

Kitchen Remodelling Ideas

If you have an old kitchen that needs a bit of TLC, kitchen company you may want to consider renovating it. It can be as simple as replacing the faucet and handles, painting the walls, or adding some new decor. You can save money by looking for used materials at discount stores, yard sales, or online auction sites such as Craigslist. There are even ways to get the materials you need for your kitchen remodelling project for free. But, remember to check the cost before you start your project!

If you’re not comfortable tackling the project yourself, hire a professional to do the work. Many design-build companies and contractors have certain hours they work. Be aware of these hours so you can coordinate your schedules with theirs. Also, make sure to communicate with them your budget. If you can’t afford to spend more than you originally planned, let them know so they can make necessary adjustments. Otherwise, you’ll have to pay them to do the work.

Consider adding task lighting. A proper kitchen remodel requires sufficient light in the work area. Task lighting includes under cabinet lights, stove lights, and pendant lights over the counter. Task lighting will avoid shadows and make your kitchen easier to work in at all times of the day. You can also pick up backsplash materials while installing the countertop. This way, you’ll have plenty of time to finish the project after the appliances and countertops are in place. Make sure to choose a design that complements your kitchen’s style and budget.