Rhee Taekwondo Melbourne

Rhee Taekwondo Melbourne has a rich history in Australia. The renowned 9th Dan black belt instructor, Warren Hansen, started teaching the martial art in the late 1950s. Since then, he has become an important figure in Australian taekwondo. He has been instrumental in popularising the sport and is a key figure in educating students on self-defence. In addition to teaching the basics of taekwondo, he has created the most effective fitness routines available. Click Here – Upspec


How to Choose The Best Taekwondo Classes in Melbourne


The governing body of the sport, Rhee Taekwondo Melbourne, is a non-profit organisation. The organisation has a website that lists information on its members. It also contains a list of its Dan ranks and a history. A new time line history was added on 24 April 2003. The federation’s website is also a great resource for taekwondo students.

United Taekwondo is a reputable school that has been operating in the area for many years. The organisation is led by Master Paul Mitchell, who has been teaching taekwondo for over 20 years. The dojang is located in Macarthur and has two locations in Sydney and one in Muswellbrook. Despite this, United Taekwondo has grown to become a well-known martial arts center in Australia.

Founded in 1963, the Melbourne Taekwondo Centre is a school that has been a pillar of the city for many years. The Melbourne branch of Rhee Taekwondo is Australia’s largest taekwondo school. The Melbourne branch was a branch of the Rhee Karate Centre in Sydney. Although the renowned instructor may have been the first to teach taekwondo in Australia, he was not the first.

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