Brown Contacts

brown contacts

Contact lenses brown  are an excellent way to enhance your natural eye color and add a touch of drama. They come in a wide range of different natural and enhanced shades, tones, styles and durations, making them suitable for all types of eye colors.

There are also a wide range of fashion contact lenses brown for fancy dress and Cosplay – ideal for creating character eyes that will have you on the scene at a convention or party. These include a range of varying durations from a single day to up to 90 days or even a year, so there’s something for everyone!

Bella Elite Sandy Brown – These soft brown colored contacts from the Bella Elite Collection have a depth of color that’s perfect for adding a subtle shine and sparkle. They’re made with a blend of brown and gold and feature a slightly limbal ring to enhance your iris, making them look like you’ve been wearing them all your life.

Taking Care of Your Colored Contact Lenses


Jade from Solotica Hidrocor – This extremely natural green from the Solotica Hidrocor range can easily cover dark brown eyes to give them a natural looking finish with a warm haze that blends in seamlessly, making it impossible for anyone to tell you’re wearing brown contacts!

Tri Tone Lenses – These hypnotising styled lenses bring out all the different hues of your iris to create an impressive effect. These lenses feature shading towards the pupil as well as the darker limbal ring to create an alluring look that’s perfect for a night out.

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