A Review of Horseware Products

Horseware products

Horseware products is a leading producer of equestrian products. Founded by Tom and Carol MacGuinness, it started out with just a small team in Ireland in 1985. Today, it is the world’s most trusted manufacturer of horse blankets and rugs.

As the company grew, it began developing new products, focusing on organic growth and a proactive sales strategy. Initially, Horseware concentrated on exports. They also developed their own patented closure, the Disc-Front, which is lightweight, flexible, and ergonomically shaped to mirror the horse’s chest.

In addition to its equine products, Horseware also offers apparel for men, women, and children, as well as a line of dog coats. Their products are designed to suit every horse and rider, and offer exceptional quality workmanship.

The company’s headquarters are in Dundalk, Ireland, but they have offices in the United States and Cambodia. This allows them to distribute their products to 3,000 retailers worldwide. Currently, 70% of the company’s sales are derived from its horse products.

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A number of the company’s products are designed specifically for horses that have sensitive hind legs. For example, they feature a two-layer waterproofing and an interior that draws sweat away from the body.

The Company recently underwent a strategic review. Some of its goals were to increase its sales and improve its margins. It is also looking to expand into equine health products.

Some of the other goals for the company include achieving a EUR40 million barrier in revenue. However, it will need up to EUR5 million in investments to accomplish this goal.

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