How to Hide Comments on Facebook

With more than 1.84 billion people using facebook every day, it’s important to have a well-moderated comment section. Especially on your business page, negative comments can hurt your brand image and lead to lower trust amongst users. Luckily, you can hiding comments on facebook through the three dots menu.

When I hide a comment on Facebook who can see it?

Hide a comment on a post or update you created or tagged yourself in by clicking the 3 dots menu and selecting “hide comment”. The comment will remain visible to the author and their friends only.

If you want to resurface the hidden comment, simply click on the same three dots again and select “unhide comment”. The comment will then become available to all of your Facebook friends that can see the post or update. This feature is a great way to get negative comments under control quickly and efficiently.

In addition to hiding comments, you can also disable Facebook’s comment ranking, which will prevent the most popular or controversial comments from appearing at the top of your posts/updates. However, this may reduce the amount of engagement your posts/updates receive.

It’s important to note that hiding comments doesn’t hide them from other users or pages. It only hides them from you and your friends (unless they’re friends of the person who commented on your post/update).

Another thing to keep in mind is that hiding comments doesn’t prevent other people from replying to those comments or starting their own discussions. This means that if someone notices that a comment they wrote has been hidden, they might start a discussion or debate on your page to address the situation. This can cause a lot of negativity on your page and it’s important to handle these situations professionally and with care.…