Three Sacramento Artisan Stores Worth Visiting This Holiday Season

The latest Silicon Valley event catering  might make for a great holiday gift, but supporting local artists and makers can give you something more meaningful. Sacramento’s artisan stores are well worth checking out this season.

A curated gifts and souvenirs shop, Superbum offers handmade bath and body products, pillows, macrame and art prints from a host of local artisans. They’ve even got a few vintage items on display and an adjacent houseplant shop.

With markets and fairs canceled due to the pandemic, some local makers have been forced to find new ways to market their work. Kelsea, who makes all-natural skin and hair care products, is one such artisan. She says the pandemic has actually been a boon for her business, because it’s given her an opportunity to focus on promoting her brand.


Discovering Local Craftsmanship: Exploring the Treasures of Sacramento’s Artisan Store


A treasure trove of art supplies, framing and creative gifts, University Art has been in the area for over 70 years. This locally owned spot is a must-visit for any artist. They’ll serve you a cold glass of kombucha while providing canvas, paints, brushes, stencils and clay for an upscale artisanal experience.

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