Heavy Duty Castor Wheels

Heavy duty castor wheels wheels are the ideal choice for large items that need to be moved around. They are often used in manufacturing plants, warehouses, and on equipment that requires mobility.

Heavy-duty casters have a maximum load capacity of 2,000 pounds or more. They are often used on dollies, platform trucks, warehouse carts and freight terminals.


Load capacity is one of the most important factors in determining which type of caster is best for your application. RS offers a wide range of heavy-duty castors to meet your needs.


The Benefits of Heavy-Duty Caster Wheels for Industrial and Commercial Use


Wheel material and diameter are also an important consideration. Softer materials, like rubber, are easier to roll than harder ones, while larger wheels can withstand heavier loads and be more stable.

Caster brakes and locks are also a factor in caster selection. The caster brake keeps the wheel stationary while the lock restricts rotational and directional movement.


The caster lock is more common for light-duty industrial casters, while the hydraulic caster brake is more suitable for heavier applications. Both types of brakes are available in different sizes and styles.

The ASRINIEY Casters Wheel is a durable and sturdy option for heavy-duty applications. It is built with double ball bearings that endure heavy weights while maintaining a quiet rolling motion. The wheels are designed to support up to 450 lbs each and can hold a combined load of 1,300 to 1,800 lbs. The casters are mounted on a plate mount design that allows for secure attachment to any workpiece.