Buy Star TSP100 Thermal Paper

buy star tsp100 paper

If you’re in need of thermal paper, you’ll be happy to know that Star offers liner-free label paper. These papers stick to nearly any surface, are easy to remove, and don’t leave any residue behind. You’ll appreciate how eco-friendly these products are too, since they don’t require liner paper, resulting in less waste. Buy star tsp100 paper. The company also offers a variety of other printer products, including Blue Core label paper and code-compliant cannabis labels.

Purchasing High-quality Rolls



Star TSP100 thermal paper rolls are compatible with 80mm wide printers and 3 1/8″ x 273′ rolls. Compared to 220′ and 230′ rolls, they offer 24 percent more paper. Premium-grade paper is manufactured to exact specifications to deliver crisp, legible receipts. And because it’s made in America, you can expect a long shelf life and minimal maintenance. You’ll save money on paper by purchasing these high-quality rolls.